Power of Instagram

Truth be told, life isn’t perfect… I’m sure it’s not news to you. I can’t tell you how much I’ve become “self-aware” since I’ve been using the Social Media App, Instagram, as a platform for my blog. As a user, I post my photos to create engagement within the blogger community with the hopes that others can relate. As a consumer I spend a lengthy amount of time scrolling through my feed learning from others as well as consuming good for nothing bullshit. 
It’s very easy to compare ourselves to others. It’s up to us, as the consumer, to determine what is authentic and what is fabricated. It’s our responsibility to use Instagram and not let Instagram use us. When I’m scrolling through my feed and start comparing myself or having negative thoughts. I make it a point to stop immediately and put the phone down! Although, I probably should be more active on Instagram to increase my blogger audience—it gets to a point where the negativity outweighs the benefit. How has Instagram affected your…

You Are a Badass!

I started reading “You are a badass” about a month ago. This book dives into some deep shit that makes all the sense in the world! Since reading, I’ve learned so much about myself and feel completely awake. It’s so easy to fall into a daily routine, which becomes a weekly routine, which becomes a monthly routine, and so on. This book has caused me to stop, look in the mirror, and evaluate who I am and gain new perspective. I’ll be reviewing many game changers that I’ve learned such as forgiveness, living in the moment, and your sub-conscious. Anyone who is reading this blog post, I encourage you to STOP DOUBTING YOUR GREATNESS and START LIVING AN AWESOME LIFE! These are the words that appear on the front of the book. My boyfriend gifted me this book with the hopes that I would stop doubting my greatness. To think shortly after giving me this book, we had a small argument and I told him to take the book back. I am so happy he didn’t take me seriously.
The Universe. Do you know it? Ar…

My Blogging Journey

After months of deliberation I decided to start my own blog. It’s been three months now and It’s been a roller coaster to say the least. I finally put pen to paper and began my “therapy sessions”. Who knew, I could be my own therapist. After my daughter Lilly was born two years ago, I had so much on my mind and I needed a safe place to release my thoughts. Honestly, it started out that way and I realized there were probably other people who could relate to my insecurities, flaws, and experiences. Through writing, I’ve learned a lot about myself, the good, the bad, and the ugly. For instance, perseverance. The blog was only a thought until I actually started writing. Now I feel like it’s blossomed into a passion. On the other hand, I learned that I had many insecurities when it came down to sharing my thoughts on the blog. I can remember sitting at my desk fighting with myself about releasing my first article. I was terrified at the very thought of other’s reading it and placing judge…

Traveling With Your Toddler

Does it still result in a true VACATION? I mean, can you at any point disconnect and turn your mind off? The truth is any vacation may take a lot out of you, even more so with your toddler. The entire trip is planned around the rug rat and if you are anything like me—I am a natural-born planner and literally start packing weeks in advance. If I don't I start freaking out, OCD much? LOL . My biggest lesson here is to expect the unexpected with your not so predictable little one.

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When I mentioned earlier that everything is planned around your youngster, this also applies to take offs from the airport. Timing is key. I learned this from our first trip last year to Canada when I planned out the flights around her sleep schedule. We had taken a red-eye flight and it was smooth sailing. She slept peacefully and when we landed, we began to panic. We learned that our GPS was not working, and we had an hour drive to Vancouver. This meant stopping…

Everyone Succeeds At Their Own Pace

I believe everyone has their own path to choose. I am surrounded by a well-rounded group of individuals—ranging from college graduates, high school graduates, professionals, stay-at-home parents, and business owners. The circumstances I’ve experienced have shaped me into the individual I am today.  Here’s a look at the path I CHOSE.

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At a very young age I CRAVED independence. I started working my first job at 15 years old—shout out to Misaki Sushi Restaurant! Looking back at my first day now, I remember going home crying because I was thinking to myself, “there’s no way you can do this”! I explained to my parents that I wanted to quit. LOL……I guess it was the fear of the unknown—I knew I was so young and felt really overwhelmed. Luckily for me, my parents reassured me that “ITS OK and you’ll be fine. You should give it a true shot.” Sure enough I realized that it wasn’t so bad. 😊 For the next couple years and through the end of high school, I worked a …

Just When I Thought Buying My 1st Home Sounded Hardly Possible

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As a so called “Millennial”, the idea of owning a home is virtually inconceivable these days. Especially in Los Angeles County. This quickly started becoming a HOT topic at the dinner table and I could not let it go. We had been renting in Pasadena for almost four years, which is outrageous in price and like most Angelinos we somehow think it’s normal and go along with it.
Commuting to work is inevitable. I work in West L.A. and to be completely honest I am OK living a little outside the L.A. bubble. It doesn’t mean I won’t move closer (it would be nice to live close to work) however, it takes me about 20 minutes to go 4 miles when I get off work. Enough said.
I was not in this process alone, I have my boyfriend who is a realtor that has great insight on the market. His ideal plan was to get a fixer near my workplace, right outside West L.A. and do a total rehab. After doing some research we realized everything was out of our price range and wouldn’t leave us wi…

Mom On Fire Giveaway Announcement

Hi Everybody! I'm thrilled to announce the winner of the giveaway.....the winner is the lovely Erika Mata! I'm so excited for you to try out these AMAZING products and a huge thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaway. I'm so looking forward to hosting more in the future.  

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